Prima Queen

Prima Queen Released Videos For “Eclipse” And “Butter Knife”

Prima Queen
Photo by Lily Doige

Prima Queen recently released their singles “Eclipse” and “Butter Knife” via Big Indie Records – produced by their friends, The Big Moon. Establishing themselves as one of the 2022’s most exciting new bands, they embark on their debut UK headline tour later this year.

On “Eclipse” Prima Queen offer the following: “It’s about the hesitation of entering into a new relationship while you’re still reeling from a heartbreak that fucked you up. It was quite a cathartic group experience recording the song – we got to sing the last chorus all together at the top of our lungs. We released a lot of pent up rage we didn’t know we had”. “Eclipse” recently entered the A-list single at BBC 6 Music.

“Butter Knife” is a masterclass in spoken-word catharsis, exploring the deterioration of a loved one due to Alzheimer’s.

Prima Queen offer the following: “Butter Knife is a reflection on losing a loved one slowly to Alzheimer’s. When they pass away the loss is confusing because not only are you grieving the person you knew before the illness, but also the person they became”.

Prima Queen’s love story is one which cinema could only aspire to. Formed not of romantic love, but of something immeasurably stronger – female friendship and creative partnership – the bond Louise Macphail and Kristin McFadden share carries almost cosmic significance. Their meeting as best friends, and as the architects of their ethereal, guitar-driven sound, seemed to be stacked in the cards, written into the lines of their palms long before. The plot is woven with the same fated coincidences, meant-to-be moments and stretches of separation as any work of fiction. An instant connection that was nearly missed. A divide of 4,000 miles and an Atlantic Ocean. An almost-marriage. A tour supporting The Big MoonDream Wife and Wet Leg, and six-figure streams.
The pair almost didn’t meet at all. It’s impossible, now, to believe there was a reality where they didn’t sit shoulder to shoulder, finishing each other’s sentences just as they finish each other’s lyrics, so familiar are they with the detail of one another’s world. They take turns, as good friends should: while one takes lead on the vocals and the story the lyrics paint, the other will nudge the vision to life with the guitar and offered wisdom.
Kristin, originally from Chicago, chose to study for a semester in London. At the last moment, after plans were set in stone for her flights and accommodation, the course was abruptly cancelled. Following a little bargaining on the phone, it was agreed that Kristin could join another course instead. Louise, in the meantime, who had settled in London after leaving her home city of Bristol, had an ambition to begin an all-female band. A succession of bad “band dates” and tepid jamming sessions meant that her search was all but fruitless – until she saw a video of the new student playing. She remembers saying those fateful words to her mother: “She’s the one. We’re gonna be in a band, I just know it”.

Louise sat in the front row for Kristin’s first performance in front of the class, and musically proposed, you could say, in front of the class: “Will you be in my band?” Louise shrugs modestly at the memory, “I mean, it is cute. We are pretty cute”. Despite being a stranger in the city, with Louise, Kristin found a sense of home: she invited her out with her friends, offered up her floor for her to sleep on that night – and even then, only hours into what would grow into a six-year friendship, they shared a mutual certainty that they would become best friends.
When Kristin had to return to finish her degree in the US six months later, Louise brought her to the airport, both in tears. Kristin would remember crying the entire journey home, with puffy eyes for days. They would not live in the same continent again for a year. Yet, against all odds, they would continue to make music together, patching together demos with MP3 files, recorded snippets and shared notes, texting every day without fail. Still nameless, at this point, every effort they made was in service of greater shared ambition, preparing for the day they would be reunited when they could truly begin.





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