Hendricks The Hatmaker - S/T CD EP

Hendricks The Hatmaker – S/T CD EP

Hendricks The Hatmaker - S/T CD EP

A brand new EP by Hendricks, The Hatmaker dropped last week, so now is more than appropriate time to write a couple of lines about it. I had a chance to review their previous recordings, so in hindsight, I knew what to expect. However, for those unfamiliar with this band, Hendricks The Hatmaker is a folk punk trio from Lucerne, Switzerland. Since 2016, they have released several recordings, such as Songs For The Confused, Mostly Harmless, and Slightly Dangerous. The band keeps its activities as prolific as possible, so this year they unleashed two EPs, Slightly Dangerous and a brand new, self-titled one, which I will talk about today.

I am not familiar if these two EPs are somehow connected or were part of the same recording sessions. All I know is that Hendricks The Hatmaker feel comfortable while playing these songs. They founded a sweet spot where their passion for folk punk music perfectly suits their ideas and musical abilities. Therefore, the ambiance that surrounds these compositions unquestionably differs from the previous EP, but somehow it applies much better than anything they recorded before. Of course, all their recordings sound divine, but this one is on another level. This EP stands out from the remainder of their discography mainly because they embraced a healthy dosage of aggression with pleasant melodies and created a unique atmosphere that even those unfamiliar with folk punk will enjoy.

The lack of guest appearances and more traditional folk instruments makes a big difference and perhaps plays a significant role in shaping the sound of this EP. This stripped-down version of Hendricks The Hatmaker, where the band relies upon their ideas, electric and bass guitar, energetic drumming, and aggressive lead vocal performance, is the reason why these songs resonate with so much power. Of course, the band thoroughly worked on the structures of these songs, so you’ll hear all the clever arrangements, various accentuations, enhancements, decorations, and other sonic delicacies that define the best folk-punk recordings out there. Hendricks The Hatmaker completely nailed this EP in my book, and I hope they will continue at the same pace. You can check out their new EP on their Bandcamp page or other streaming platforms.





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