Vandermeer Released New Single/Video “Cheap Trick”


Here it is, the third single release “Cheap Trick” from “Grand Bruit”, the third album of the indie rock shoegaze band vandermeer. Spherical shoegaze verses collide with a dirty stoner rock chorus. Short and crisp, melodic and bitter – real. The only real thing, because here it’s about not being noticed, the intentional ignorance, or yet not being. A shaking of the sense of reality. So what is real? Is everything a cheap trick – are we caught in our loop, in our bubble? We in shock, in numbness, in lies. And outside, everyone is freaking out. Am I still there? Do we always have to please? Don’t you finally have to please me? Am I your lie – or perhaps you are mine?  “Cheap Trick” is, or is not. A balancing act. A question. An exclamation mark! Turn it up loud!

The alternative rock/new wave quartet releases „Grand Bruit“ on 09.12.2022 via Barhill Records/Cargo Records as 2LP/CD and digitally.

Pre-order – LINK





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