Bent Out Of Shape - Old Rats On A New Ship LP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Bent Out Of Shape – Old Rats On A New Ship LP (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

Bent Out Of Shape - Old Rats On A New Ship LP - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Today we have a fresh release from Demons Run Amok Entertainment. I recently wrote some reviews for a couple of their releases, but if you somehow missed it, I highly advise you to check out their catalog if you’re looking for some outstanding streetpunk, hardcore, and metal music. Old Rats On A New Ship is a brand new release by Bent Out Of Shape, a Dutch streetpunk quintet. In just a couple of years, they managed to release a six-song demo, Who Laughs Last 7″ EP carrying four songs, a split 7″ release alongside The Boldness, and a split 7″ release with Skroetbalg. Therefore, Old Rats On A New Ship is a debut full-length album.

Old Rats On A New Ship carries twelve excellent streetpunk compositions suitable for fans of both traditional and new-school sound. It seems Bent Out Of Shape admire both sides of the spectrum, considering that these tracks reveal only the best properties of it. They also differ from most of their contemporaries because they’re more interested in British and European school of streetpunk sound than the remainder that roams the scene. Therefore, their approach to this particular subgenre of punk rock is more straightforward, abrasive, and aggressive, and it comes like a more than necessary punch to the face. Of course, that doesn’t mean Bent Out Of Shape excluded any sort of melodies and harmonies. You’ll notice a thick layer of these qualities in nearly every composition. These thoughtfully arranged themes serve as a perfect contrast to their aggressive sound.

The band almost solely relies upon three to four-chord progressions, empowered by a heavy dosage of warm-sounding, ear-appealing low-end tones. The guitars and bass perfectly match the mix, and you’ll hear all the basslines without difficulties. It is also another indicator of their admiration towards the old-school sound because much older streetpunk bands paid so much attention to the bass guitar while recording their legendary releases. Nothing would sound so groovy, energetic, and dynamic without moderate rhythmic sequences, which are also perfectly volumed up in the mix. The lead vocalist provides another layer of aggression over the top through crude and abrasive shouts. Of course, this wouldn’t be a streetpunk album without some singalongs, and the remainder of the group contributes to the anthemic side of this material as well.

Old Rats On A New Ship perfectly channels aggression and harmony, and Bent Out Of Shape play this style like pros. Their debut is available in three vinyl variants. You can pick up gold, purple, or black vinyl at Demons Run Amok Entertainment. Don’t miss this one if you’re into streetpunk sound.





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