Whitehall Released New Single “Don’t Check Your Phone”

Photo by Nicole Mago

Charleston, SC indie rock 4-piece Whitehall (currently on tour supporting Goo Goo Dolls) have just dropped their new single “Don’t Check Your Phone.”

The track was inspired by a situation that should be relatable to anyone who has ever waited impatiently for a romantic interest to reply.

“Don’t Check Your Phone” began in the moments between texting a crush and waiting for a reply, my brain buzzing with all the potential outcomes. I wrote this song to pass the time while waiting for that text and to prepare my mind for when things didn’t work out.”– Whitehall

“Don’t Check Your Phone” follows the recent release of “Rose,” the first single off their upcoming Enci Records label debut.

Whitehall merges a dancey demeanor with an insatiable desire for more out of life, making for an incredibly energetic and heart opening live experience. When they aren’t shotgunning La Croix, Whitehall tours the east coast.

Whitehall has released a pair of albums, along with their recent ‘Garden Song’ EP, which debuted earlier this year. Watch for more new music from the band to be released in 2023.

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