Egret Released Silent Turns EP

Egret - Silent Turns EP

Five years have gone since the release of the first single “Knot”, which brought Egret the first prize at the regional competition for singer-songwriters “Poezika” in Novi Sad. Since then, Egret released another song “My Isle”, played a few times – as support for Peter Broderick and Sara Renar, and also solo (Kino Šiška Ljubljana, Kontakt Showcase Beograd, Sofar session). He also worked as a producer, music author, arranger and instrumentalist on albums and songs for other musicians, in collaboration with producer Milan Bjelica (Buč Kesidi, Ljubičice, Iva Lorens).

Who exactly is Petar Pupić? Some would say – one of the most gifted musicians and producers of the generation, a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, a singer who delighted Peter Broderick during his performance in Belgrade, someone whose music carries a different flow of energy… Petar is all that, but also none of that. For many, he is just a secret that we will now try to reveal.

Egret’s EP “Silent Turns” seems like a re-discovered private press album from the seventies or eighties. Both ancient and modern, with delicate layers of sound, emotions and decades. Imagine the worlds of Sufjan Stevens, James Blake, Nick Drake and Chet Baker overlapping in one point, one city, one person.

The opening “A Story For Them” sets the stage, describing eternal human obsession with leaders, and the violin (guest Mirjana Nešković) and ingenious arrangement solutions seem to lead us on a journey into the unknown. “Unveil” is the moment when you fall in love at first

sight and realize that love can be both a refuge and an escapism from anxiety and social interactions. “Knot” got a definitive shape, powerful and hypnotic, with Egret’s “wall of sound” vocals in the chorus. The last song on the EP, “No Time For a Letdown” is an anthem of resentment, disappointment and uneasy acceptance of new, accelerated dynamics and endings of relationships between people. But every end can be a new beginning, and this album is more about beginnings than endings.

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