Mammock Released Rust LP


MAMMOCK is a venture into the unknown by a mothership of long-time musicians and friends. Formed in early 2018 by Giannis (guitar) and Klearhos (bass) with the addition of Vangelis (drums), they started out as an instrumental trio. The group experimented with ideas and pondered the endless spiral of their musical horizons. After jamming for months and crafting songs, the three decided to find their voice via Andreas (vocals).

Mammock’s compositions stray from the typical rock forms, incorporating various elements from punk to jazz, post-hardcore and the nineties’ US noise rock scene. The quartet possesses the self-awareness and technical capabilities to carve their own sound and explore their character into finely tuned songs, which grab the listener from beginning to end. All members participate equally into the song-building process, letting aside creative differences to serve their art. The ultimate result is to sound like they have been playing for years, inoculating their weird music canvas with their fathomless chemistry.
The band has already played shows with many established acts from the local Greek underground scene in Athens and beyond.

In 2020, their debut album entitled “Itch” was self-released, elating the unsuspecting underground music lovers worldwide. The record moves unpredictably from explosive math rock to art punk and surf rock anthems, and from chaotic metallic riffing to mind-blowing epics. Drums and bass intertwine to lay their thunderous ever-changing grooves, on which the guitar lays a web of shuddering dissonant riffs. On top of all comes the continuously adapting voice, ranging from heartfelt crooning to the gutsiest spitting of venomous lyrics, reflecting on the band’s resistance to oppression and praise of freedom.

Mammock has been compared to the likes of legendary bands such as Tool, System of a Down, The Jesus Lizard and the Dead Kennedys. “Itch” received a warm welcome by local and international press. It has been described as an electrifying debut release that will definitely wind up being just the head start of an excellent discography to come.
In the summer of 2021, the band recorded their second full length album “Rust” which will be released via Venerate Industries in November 2022. Despite the situation with the pandemic, Mammock played live shows in the fall of the year and recorded a live version of “Itch” on November 2021, which was digitally released as “KLMT” in June 2022. Consequently, the lineup has been renewed with Dimitris assuming the drum stool after the band parted ways with Vangelis. Mammock considers the new lineup as the strongest to date and can’t wait to hit the stage everywhere, in Greece and beyond.





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