Throwing Bricks

Throwing Bricks Released The Burden LP

Throwing Bricks

Throwing Bricks released ‘The Burden’ today. Their debut album ‘What Will Be Lost‘ proved that the Utrecht based Throwing Bricks isn’t scared of trying out new sounds and influences to truly create a path of their own. 

Second album ‘The Burden’ pushes this idea even further. Producer Tim de Gieter (Amenra, Doodseskader) helped Throwing Bricks get the most out of their music by experimenting with sounds, song structures and watching weird as hell YouTube videos.

On the 9 tracks featured on The Burden, Throwing Bricks again serve their signature blend of sludge, hardcore and black metal. This time however with a more modern sound, as heard on album opener ‘Bricks of Grace’ for example. Tracks like ‘Hall Of Mirrors’ and first single ‘False Promises’ lean towards a more screamo and post-hardcore sound. Some elements will surely surprise the listeners, such as additional spoken word performances by Utrecht artist Shira van der Wouden. On the haunting ‘Safta’ for example, her compelling delivery and honest writing is a great fit.

Whereas 2020’s ‘What Will Be Lost’ mainly covered dealing with loss, sophomore ‘The Burden’ reveals a slightly more positive view on life. It is about making peace with loss, learning to cope with mental health issues, overcoming negative thoughts and trying to enjoy life in a world that’s been set to fail. These themes are beautifully represented in the albums’ artwork, made by photographer Daantje Bons.

The Burden was recorded & produced at Much Luv Studios by Tim de Gieter and mastered at The Atomic Garden by Jack Shirley. It captures Throwing Bricks at their most emotionally heavy and honest yet.





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