Khartoum Released New Single “Whatever Helps You Sleep”

Photo by Michael Hani

Following on from their most recent release, EP ‘Some Days’, featuring singles ‘I Was Born’, ‘Ten People’ and ‘Chromosomes’, which showcased the band’s more refined and considered approach, KHARTOUM are returning once again to unveil their rampant, disorderly new single ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep’.

Continuing their exploration of a darker, heavier aesthetic and sound, the London three-pieces’ most recent work is heavily inspired by the likes of Joshua Homme, Death From Above 1979 and Jack White, in which you see KHARTOUM revelling in the use of distorted drum sounds, octave-layered guitars and fuzzy vocals.

The track pulsates with driving, riff-laden guitar elements and strong, evading vocals, seeing the band working towards a more harmonious approach compared to their earlier material. Adding an abundance of fuzz and distortion on the bass and a generally more dirty and punchy sound overall, the single is a simplistic and stripped back take on the classic quiet verse/loud chorus strategy. The track details the disintegration of a relationship and reflects the perils of failed communication which inevitably leads to diminishing respect and under-appreciation. Although, there is an overriding tongue-in-cheek message of “good riddance” (‘Sit down shut your mouth / You can pick up what’s left’).

Recorded at their own self-built studio, the band proclaims, “It’s a song about coming to the end of your rope, stepping away from a negative energy, and ultimately washing your hands of it… but not before some home truths have been laid bare. It’s a pivotal moment for the band stylistically and represents a line between the past and future.”

The adjustment for the band, altering from a four piece to a three piece has brought on a much heavier and grittier sound, featuring thick fuzzed-out guitar tones, distorted drum sounds, and a more upfront aggressive vocal. “The heavier avenue of production is one that we’re all really excited to explore further,” the band added.

KHARTOUM have been featured on Spotify playlists such as Hot New BandsFresh FindsAll New Rock, and Shockwave and been championed by BBC Radio 1 (Jack Saunders, Gemma Bradley)CLASHThe Line of Best FitWonderland, and Dork.

KHARTOUM’s new single ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep’ will be available from 26th October to stream.







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