Everything But The Everything feat. Luke Sweeney – Intimacy

Everything But The Everything feat. Luke Sweeney - Intimacy

Today, we have a slightly older track by Everything But The Everything. I somehow missed this one before, so I guess it would be good to give it a listen and write something about it. For those tuning in for the first time, Everything But The Everything is a post-punk/new wave project operated by Israel Chavarin, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some guest appearances in his tunes. Israel has collaborated with many friends and artists over the years, and so far, everything sounds superb.

Everything But The Everything is known for combining the finest properties of post-punk, goth rock, new wave, synthwave, and many other similar music genres, so that’s the case with Intimacy. Israel blends all these genres into a harmonious slab built upon cleverly assembled basslines, catchy synth ambiances and leads, arpeggiated chord progressions, and dynamic rhythmic sequences. Everything But The Everything teamed up with Luke Sweeney, singer/songwriter from San Francisco, but also included some regulars like Andrew Gomez (Moog) and Landon Cisneros(drums) for this particular track. Each musician acts like a more than necessary piece of a much greater sonic puzzle, so you’ll immediately notice that Intimacy carries many detailed orchestrations along the way.

Everything But The Everything

You’ll be surprised how post-punk, new wave, goth rock, and synth-wave work together in this track. Israel thoroughly planned every segment of Intimacy, so you’ll have many difficulties pinpointing only a particular music genre. They resonate together in harmony, and each plays a significant role in shaping the ear-appealing ambiance. Besides all the qualities I mentioned above, you’ll also love this composition because it evokes nostalgia. It throws you back in times when music was innovative, catchy, and better than many works you can stumble on streaming services today. Intimacy unquestionably demands your utmost attention, and I advise you to check out the remainder of Everything But The Everything’s discography. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

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