Tearjerker – Love Being Alone (Little Rocket Records)

Tearjerker - Love Being Alone - Little Rocket Records

So, this track arrived in our mailbox nearly an hour ago, thanks to Little Rocket Records, and it’s one of those songs that seek your utmost attention. Tearjerker is a melodic punk rock quartet from Sunderland, and Love Being Alone is their second single released via Little Rocket. It also includes a guest appearance by Frankie Stubbs (vocals) and Graeme Philliskirk (mastering), both members of Sunderland’s legendary punk rock group Leatherface. Judging by the press release, it seems Tearjerker are working on their full-length, which will be released in the future by Little Rocket, so this particular single comes as a bit of a sampling of what you might expect on their debut.

At first, you might feel a touch of nostalgia while listening to Love Being Alone, mainly because Tearjerker invested some of the finest properties of early nineties melodic punk rock sound into it. There are catchy melodies, harmonies, and powerful chord progressions lurking around in the mix, and all these qualities are directly responsible for the cathartic ambiance. Love Being Alone is an enormously melodic song with a thoughtfully assembled lead theme, palm-muted verses, and a hypnotic chorus. You’ll also hear equally good basslines lurking in the mix, and I like how the sound engineer volumed up this particular instrument. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without exceptional drumming performance built upon energetic rhythmic sequences, various accentuations, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics. Lead vocals and vocal harmonies are one of the heaviest weapons in their arsenal, and Frankie’s guest appearance perfectly matches the mix. This song will blow you away. With all these qualities, there’s no way you’ll not going to love this song. Head over to your favorite streaming platform and give it a listen.

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