Nikki Louder Released New LP Via Moonlee Records

Nikki Louder - Ostani Čista In Kulturna

Slovenian noise rock champs Nikki Louder has released a new, fifth full-length album ‘Ostani čista in kulturna’, which was released in vinyl and digital format on the slovenian record label Moonlee Records. The vinyl is released in a limited edition of 200 pieces. Stream or download Ostani čista in kulturna HERE

 On the new album ‘Ostani čista in kulturna’ (Stay pure and cultural), Nikki Louder remain faithful to their characteristic musical expression, which is based on maximum sound intensity in the field of modern noise rock. Greasy wall-of-sound, driven by a rolling rhythmic base, through which sharp and dissonant guitars break through, topped by howling vocals, which altogether create a distorted and uncompromising sonic attack with recognisable Nikki Louder’s signature, which is on the new album even bit more experimental and chaotic. The vocals in the Slovenian language are new, welcome and refreshing new dimension of the band. More experimental, heavier, noiser, louder, Nikki Louder!

19.10.2022 @ Ljubljana, Gromka: Žmohtne izpovedi – 3:rma, Ujma // FB event

28.10.2022 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna: Haiku Garden // FB event

9.11.2022 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška: Seine (HR), Svojat // FB event

10.11.2022 @ Ljubljana, Gala Hala: IndieŽMOHT – KOIKOI (RS), Shishi (LT) // FB event

11.11.2022 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna: KOIKOI (RS), Shishi (LT) // FB event

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