Boston Manor Release Datura LP; Watch Video For Crocus

Boston Manor

Boston Manor’s “Datura” is out today via SharpTone Records, as the band embark on a tour of Europe with Alexisonfire, as well as a series of in-store appearances, as detailed below. The band also shared video for Crocus. Vocalist Henry Cox says of the track: “Crocus is a song we’ve been trying to write for years. We always used to joke about writing a song that could be played in that club in The Matrix. I think this has been our best attempt, & we tried to portray that in the video. We’re very proud of both the song and the video, which was directed by our long time collaborator Zak Pinchin and choreographed by Kate Hannah & her team who managed to put together the full routine in only ten days. We’re going to be playing it live for the first time this week & I’m really looking forward to it”.

Boston Manor have also invited fans to get creative with their music ahead of the album drop by making the original stems for“Passenger” available for download on their Soundcloud page so that the track is open for remix. As they say: “Have fun with it. Comment on the Soundcloud post with a link to your remix, we’ll share our favourites. Music is for everyone”.
“Datura” is an album that pushes the limits and stretches the boundaries of Boston Manor more than ever before, musically, lyrically, thematically and conceptually. 2018’s“Welcome To The Neighbourhood” and 2020’s “GLUE” shifted the needle in terms of Boston Manor’s sound, incorporating synths into their framework and a heavy focus on atmosphere. Coming off the back of last year’s “Desperate Times, Desperate Pleasures”EP, “Datura” takes all that one step further. The first of two parts, this set of songs exists in the dim light between dusk and dawn. It’s a record you don’t just merely listen to, but one – from the moment the sinister opening strains of first song “Datura (dusk)” begin – you actually inhabit and experience. It’s a record that envelops you, drags you into the dark shadows, leaves you cold, breathless, paranoid.

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