From Ashes To New Shared Video For Until We Break Featuring Matty Mullings Of Memphis May Fire

From Ashes To New

From Ashes To New dropped a new song and video called “Until We Break” via Better Noise Music. The new track centers around feelings of betrayal and uncertainty, telling the story of how sometimes the path of least resistance is often the wrong choice. Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire lent his vocals to the track, diving deep into the band’s signature emotional storytelling. This summer, the band toured with Memphis May Fire on the Remade in Misery tour and released an official music video for “Heartache”, a song that sonically depicts the triumphant tale behind the band’s name, earning over 1M views on YouTube in just three months. Listen to “Until We Break” HERE. Watch the official music video HERE.
Reciting lyrics from the song, Matt Brandyberry said: “‘Close our eyes ‘cause there is nothing to see. We’ll all be fine if all we do is believe.’ It seems we are increasingly taking the path of least resistance. Although, that is often the wrong path. Closing our minds to the truth because a lie is easier to believe…A short term solution for a long term problem. We are following our leaders one by one until we break”.

The official music video is a studio performance of the high-energy track. Matty makes an appearance in the video directed by Eric DiCarlo.
Joining forces with From Ashes To New on the track, Matty from Memphis Mayfire said: “I love this tune and I’m so stoked to be a part of it. We had such a killer time having From Ashes To New on tour with us and I can’t wait for people to finally hear this collab!”
From Ashes To New has seen great success, earning four Top Ten Active Rock singles and over 345M streams across digital music platforms throughout their career. Last summer, the band released their “Quarantine Chronicles”EP series, which has been streamed over 20M times as the band explored the trials and tribulations of life and received critical acclaim from outlets such as Loudwire.

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