The Young Gods – Play Terry Riley In C (Two Gentlemen)

The Young Gods - Play Terry Riley In C - Two Gentlemen

Today, we have some more exceptional music for your listening pleasure. This time, I will talk about Play Terry Riley In C by Swiss veteran post-industrial trio The Young Gods. It’s their latest full-length album released via Two Gentlemen. For those unfamiliar with this band, many things lurk around in their compositions but don’t expect traditional industrial music you stumble upon on the web on a daily basis. The Swiss scene is known for taking all music genres a step further, so that’s the case with The Young Gods. Actually, In C is a famous piece by American composer Terry Riley and it was written in 1964. Perhaps Play Terry Riley In C will sound more like an ambient than an industrial album to some readers, and they wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Play Terry Riley In C carries nine compositions continuously levitating from sheer minimalism to hypnotic complexity. The Young Gods almost entirely removed all the heavy aesthetics of industrial music and stripped down their orchestrations to the point you’ll hear every sonic maneuver performed by these musicians. Besides industrial and ambient, you may notice some properties of jazz, progressive rock, lo-fi, and electronic music lurking around in particular tracks. The Young Gods decided to share their take on Terry Riley’s epic minimalist composition, but they somehow managed to minimalize it to the point that many readers would consider this album as an exceptional, easy-listening ambient album.

The first thing you’ll notice is that The Young Gods’ In C more leans towards percussive elements, minimal sonic maneuvers, calm themes, melodies, harmonies, and ambiances. The Young Gods are shaping almost ritualistic seance where your mind is solely focused on repetitious rhythmic sequences and stripped-down melodies. These elements will keep your listening apparatus occupied from beginning to end. However, Play Terry Riley In C gradually evolves with each composition, so maybe Part 1 keeps it as minimalistic as possible, but Part 9 provides more of a progressive rock experience. You’ll also notice some krautrock elements thrown into the mix that enhance this exciting listening experience on a whole new level. Play Terry Riley In C is an outstanding take on Terry Riley’s classic, and it’s a must-have for fans of minimal, ambient, and post-industrial music. Head to Two Gentlemen for more information about ordering.

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