Fire From The Gods

Fire From The Gods Shared Video For World So Cold

Fire From The Gods

A month after they announced their new album “Soul Revolution”Fire From The Gods previewed more of their upcoming album, releasing “World So Cold” today via Better Noise Music. Touching on perseverance, lead singer AJ Channer sings: “Watch as my spirit comes alive, The strength inside won’t be denied, From the darkness I rise, I know I will survive” on “World So Cold”. The new song offers fans another taste of “Soul Revolution”, which combines inspirational, aggressive, and soul-searching themes in a cohesive body of work.
AJ Channer reflected on the band’s new offering: “Part of our message is “innerstrength” against any and everything. I’ve been through some real shit and I know people that listen to our band can relate. Despite the hard times, you have to keep your head up. Learn to live in a world so cold”. Fire From The Gods have adopted a unifying mission statemen: “All Power to All People” a play on the revolutionary slogan “All Power to the People”. Listeners will hear this statement reflected in “Soul Revolution”, as the band aims to empower all fans through their music.
Erik Ron (Godsmack, Motionless In White, Panic! At The Disco) produced, engineered and mixed “Soul Revolution”. The band is joining Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth, and The HU on tour now through the fall, teasing their new music.





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