Puppy Angst

Puppy Angst Share Video For Perpetual

“The darkest of the three singles, ‘Perpetual’ is about swimming through life, stuck in a dream state, barely there, unable to connect to others. The fast paced, heavier verses careen off into dreamy, hazy choruses, a contrast that kind of reflects what it feels like to wake up from a weird dream.” -Alyssa Milman

Puppy Angst is a moody quartet from Philadelphia started by Alyssa Milman (guitar and vocals, they/them). Alyssa’s songwriting combines raw, diary-like lyricism colored by the biting introspection of adulthood with shoegaze and dream pop influences, resulting in tracks that tell a noisy and unapologetic coming-of-age story. Dan Leinweber (guitar, he/him), Eric Naroden (drums, he/him), and John Heywood (bass, he/him) round out the rest of the band.

In 2018, Puppy Angst self-recorded and released their first EP, Tiny Thoughts, with distribution by goodhowareyou records on all streaming platforms as well as a limited run of tapes by Small Grey Records. They have since released singles and covers on a number of compilations, including: An Abundance of Nothing (2020), Booked By Grandma: Volume One (2021), and Eat the Rich: a Gossip Girl Soundtrack Cover Compilation by Precious Bitch (2021), which was featured on Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan. Their work has been played on Philly’s own WXPN The Key, DKFM Shoegaze Radio, The Core at Rutgers University, WSBF at Clemson University, and more. They’ve been covered by The Deli MagazineMagnet MagazineThe Burning Spear, and Scholastic Perspectives, among other publications. Puppy Angst is set to release their first full-length album in the fall of 2022.

Alyssa previously toured with fellow Philly pop outfit Kississippi, and their past projects include Past Life and Blushed, in which they were a founding member. Dan played lead guitar in Blushed alongside Alyssa, and currently also creates music under his ambient project Greenspace. Eric is also the frontman, singer, and guitarist of In Lieu of Roses, and John plays bass in Alex G. -Lilly Milman





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