Cheval de Frise To Reissue Debut Album

Cheval de Frise

Cheval de frise is the first eponymous album by french amplified classical guitar/drums duo Cheval de frise. This outstanding and one of a kind recording was originally released in 2000 on CD format via Bordeaux based label Sonore and it is now reissued and pressed for the first time to vinyl, cassette tape and digital by New York City label Computer Students™. The release contains the original track list remastered by Carl Saff as well as uncovered artwork supplements. It will be released worldwide on November 18, 2022. Urgent, emotional and paradoxically structured and thought out in the finest detail, Cheval de frise’s music drew much of its influences from the many forms of American post-hardcore of the 90s, while manifesting its own undeniable singularity from the start. A music made of shadows, explosive nuances, precise gestures, kaleidoscopic patterns and spasms.

The album is available now for preorder HERE

Connexion monstrueuse entre un objet et son image” is freshly composed when the band enters the studio. This song shows the progressive broadening of their influences, beyond rock and its obscure sub-genres. The arpeggios of baroque composer and lutenist virtuoso Kapsberger, the velocity of Seldom Scene‘s progressive bluegrass staccato, and the angular patterns of pianist Thelonious Monk are all evoked in this moving and tense composition. 

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