Touch The Clouds

Touch The Clouds – Be Patient

Touch The Clouds - Be Patient
Art by Mark Penxa

Touch The Clouds are back with another fine piece of sonic artistry. Be Patient is the third single from their upcoming full-length album and a proper continuation of their previous works. As the band stated, Be Patient is a note to self and others alike. It serves as a reminder that everything in life takes time and that the little patience didn’t harm anyone. As usual, Touch The Clouds explores this theme by simultaneously applying poetic and academic lyricism over ear-appealing sonic foundations. This lyricist approach works to the advantage of the song, and I couldn’t imagine any other artist/band at the moment doing it better than them. Their lyrics come as words of wisdom that you should take as more than a necessary piece of advice.

Touch The Clouds
Photo by Jeremy Schemm

Soundwise, Touch The Clouds explore several complementary music genres to achieve the desired sound. Perhaps alternative rock comes to mind first, but their version of this particular genre sounds refreshing, unique, and entertaining. Unlike many contemporaries on the alternative scene, Touch The Clouds avoid enormous amounts of distortion. They rely on semi-distorted chord progressions decorated by catchy leads that will keep you entertained from scratch to finish. I like how the bass guitar is vividly hearable in the mix. Warm-sounding basslines provide heaviness to the entire song and serve as a binder between guitars and the rhythm section. The drummer keeps the remainder of the band in line by delivering moderate rhythmic sequences, clever accentuations, and other percussive delicacies. Of course, nothing would sound so ear-appealing without excellent vocal performance that comes like another layer of harmonies over the top. Be Patient has many qualities, and it would be a shame not to discover them by yourself, so head to your favorite streaming platform and check out this song.





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