The Untold

The Untold Release Video For Red Horizons

The Untold

Chicago-based technical rock/metal quartet The Untold have released their brand new EP Thunder and Water: Act One. To celebrate the band have also shared a music video for their new single, ‘Red Horizons’. 

Stream ‘Red Horizons’ and Thunder and Water: Act One HERE

The Untold comment on their new EP: “Mental health, fear, hope and healing; these are the main themes of Thunder and Water. Each song tackles a different trial of resilience, with an emphasis on connecting with those that feel lost or alone under the weight of the human experience. No matter how alone we feel, there are always people that we can bond with through similar experience, or simply through compassion. It is these connections that help us disperse the weight that no one should need to carry it by themselves. The Untold aims to make those connections by sharing the experience of as many people as possible. Everyone has a story to tell that will help someone else get through theirs. Understanding and compassion is how we connect. For anyone wanting to have their story heard go to to submit.”

It’s hard to pin the exact genre of Chicago four piece, The Untold. Falling under the gigantic umbrella of rock and metal, they aren’t afraid to blur lines and go wherever their music takes them. With heavy riffs, soaring choruses, symphonic layers and thoughtful songwriting, their music takes you on a rollercoaster of emotion and power. There is a rawness and a realness to the lyrics of The Untold. They sing about the brutality and the beauty of life, through the unique yet incredibly similar experiences of individuals. The Untold aim to bring a feeling of connection by making people feel both seen and heard.
Formed between the autumn of 2017 and spring of 2018, The Untold released their first single and continued to record their first demo EP, Stories of Life and Death. From 2018 to 2022 the band continued to write and develop a sound that took influence from each band member’s unique musical taste. From classic metal to tech death, hard rock to metalcore and prog, The Untold created a new sound of epic proportions. Released in November of 2020, ‘The Abandoned’ was the band’s first single since the release of their demo EP. As they finally started to gain some local traction in the city of Chicago, like so many other artists, COVID-19 halted their progress. That halt would not diminish their spirits though. Throughout 2020 and 2021, The Untold took the time to develop and write together as a unit for the first time, creating their best work yet. The Untold‘s new EP is ambitious, and will be released in two acts over the course of 2022 and 2023. 





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