Inner City Witches Release The Second Single “Ghengis Khan”

Inner City Witches

St. Louis hardcore punk rock trio Inner City Witches is back with another single via indie label High Ground Records. This time, it’s “Ghengis Khan”, the second of four expected single releases in anticipation of a full album coming in the fall of 2022. This follows the release, and a resounding audience response to “Scream If You Want To” just over a month ago.

“Ghengis Khan” is yet another pristine example of the band’s progress in its mission to make a splash as an original punk powerhouse not only within St. Louis, but the entire Midwest and beyond.

While this may be Inner City Witches’ shortest tune to date, there is certainly no shortage of energy within the full 1:57 track time. Highlighted by a Latin percussion breakdown with a menacing undertone, listeners can also expect a brief acoustic-like opening followed by heavy rhythmic riffs, adept punk vocals, and a consistently hard set of backing drums to round it all out.

Simply put, those who’ve always found a love for some of the most well-known, seasoned punk bands we’ve seen through time – Black Flag, blink-182, Dead Kennedys to name a few – will absolutely adore this track, and be left eagerly awaiting what’s next from Inner City Witches.

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