Future West Release Who Will Forgive My Sins LP Via Blowtorch Records

Future West

‘Who Will Forgive All My Sins’, the new album from Future West is out now via Blowtorch Records on LP, CD and Digital format. The 9-track album was recorded by singer/composer and frontman Francis Watters at the band’s home studio in Dundalk, Ireland in the Summer of 2020. It was produced and mixed by Peter McCoy and Pauric McCrum of Pillowhead Productions (also part of the Future West live set up).

The album is an exploration of loss, regret, self-sabotage, maintaining good mental well-being and missing loved ones with a large chunk of Watters’ emotive, witty and thought-provoking lyrics being lifted directly from his personal journals.

Watters takes up the story – “Is it a concept album? No! But a lot of the songs do revolve around similar themes and the track running order, coincidentally, does tell a somewhat cohesive story depending on what way you interpret the words. For me, it’s a project that I felt I had to do to help lay some of my inner demons to rest. And also with the hope that other people can listen to the music and words and realize that even at one’s lowest point, things will always get better. There is always hope, no matter what.”

To date the band have released three singles from the album, ‘Late Last Nite’, ‘All My Sins’’ and ‘Give You My Time’ with a fourth and final, ‘You Instead’ coming out a few days before the album’s release. The artwork for the album, singles and t-shirts was done by David Noonan of Just Mustard who took all of the original photography and handled the overall design and artwork direction. They will be doing a handful of Irish shows to promote the album with U.K dates planned for early 2023.

They play The Spirit Store, Dundalk (Aug 20th), Annesley House, Dublin (Aug 27th) and Vantastival Festival, Drogheda (Sept 16th). Pre-Order the album on the Future West Bandcamp page or in the Blowtorch Records online shop.

Order the album on the Future West Bandcamp page or in the Blowtorch Records online shop.

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