Easy Prey Release Video For Radical Self Loathing; Unrest LP Out August 19th Via Hellminded Records

Easy Prey

Austin, Texas-based post-hardcore band Easy Prey has released a new video. Radical Self Loathing comes from Unrest, their upcoming debut full-length, set for release on August 19th via Hellminded Records.

Easy Prey is a band that understands a simple concept; direct action creates results.  It can come in the form of volunteering, protesting, fundraising, or using a platform to discuss social issues.  When those methods are combined, efforts can be realized.  Understand that humankind is flawed but be prepared to rise above failures.  Be willing to learn and make attempts to correct your behavior.

Easy Prey was founded in 2015, by guitarist Cole Stockton (Mall Walker, Riverboat Gamblers) and drummer Matthew Bolick (Mall Walker, Gentlemen Rogues) in an attempt to create heavy/aggressive music led with a punk influence over a traditional metal influence. Bassist Doug Cohenour (Bum Out, User Error) joined shortly after to round out the core group, and UK transplant/vocalist Chris Moynan (OK Pilot) came in to finalize the lineup.  

After recording ‘Teeth’ in 2017 and ‘Relentless Struggle’ in 2019, the band was met with a new challenge. 2020. (Like every other band on the fucking planet.) With access to a reasonably large practice space and too much time on their hands, they began work on what would become their debut full-length, ‘Unrest’. Influenced by the political climate, they took a more direct approach to social change; working with The Bail Project on fundraising and taking to the streets to protest against a heavy-handed police force.  The front and back covers of ‘Unrest’ were taken by drummer Matt Bolick during community action in Austin TX in June of 2020.  The hopelessness of ‘Relentless Struggle’ morphed into a more radicalized view of social and economic issues, along with a much more focused approach to songwriting.  The songs created in those sessions are influenced heavily by the circumstances of 2020 – experiencing mass unemployment and civil strife while the ruling class thrived. ‘Unrest’ is a record about the frustration of seeing privilege – even in small doses, and about the full realization that something must change.

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