DeadFinger: The Acoustic Duo Consisting Of Daniel Kubinski (Die Kreuzen) & Dwain Flowers (FuckFace) Shares New Single; Self-Titled Debut Album Out Today

Photo by Fred Fischer

“Ghost” is an evocative, barebones hymn delivered by phantom brothers from a lost battalion. The sonic result is fragile and fiery and haunting. DEADFINGER harkens the bluesy, spooky return of a hard core pioneer Dan Kubinski and welcomes aboard his secret weapon Dwain Flowers. Please sirs, may I have another ?” 

London May (Samhain)

“Ghosts” is very cool! Its stark and minimal nature gives it a suspenseful and eerie feel.”

Kim Thayil (Soundgarden, The 3rd Secret)

“I think the Ghosts song is my new favorite song. Best song I’ve heard in a long time., Seriously. Excellent!”

Lori Barbero (Babes in Toyland)

“The syncopated haunting of Ghost … Clear and Rhythmic In anticipation You know a song is great when You Wish you wrote it ….!! I love this !!”

Kevin Kinney (Drivin N Cryin)

During the early lockdowns of the Pandemic the two members and old friends of what would soon become DeadFinger began to discuss and then put into action a way to get together and play music. A founding member of Die Kreuzen, Daniel Kubinski describes the formation of DeadFinger saying: “Dwain and I have been friends for 20  years or more, we’ve played in bands together before. Most notably, “FuckFace”. In the early version of FuckFace Dwain and I played drums, so we had to work together.” – while Kubinski writes guitar riffs, Dwain Flowers accompanies guitar-work with his very thoughtful, sometimes sporadic but always creative ideas. “Dwain always takes my guitar work somewhere I hadn’t thought of.”- says Daniel. “His work adds new and  interesting dynamics and twists on my ideas, thus making them purely DeadFinger.” 

One of the most notorious lyricists of the American underground, Daniel speaks about writing as a purely natural process for him. “My grandmother, Millie told me that she and her mother and father and her three brothers would sit around and play guitars, banjo,  accordion, and sing, almost nightly. “We didn’t have TV or radio,” she said, “That’s how  we entertained ourselves.” When she told me this all the music in my life, all the music  in my blood and soul became, even more, real, true and absolute, like I had been 

It was no easy task but the two soon devised a way to divide their rehearsal spot in half with clear plastic (so they could see one another) and they began writing originals and playing cover songs to keep the boredom of the lockdowns at bay. A healthy songwriting duo has emerged from these sessions. The result became the debut DeadFinger LP coming out this July – one original and nine cover songs, rearranged by the duo in their own style and voice.  

The cover songs are some of DeadFinger’s most favorite songs from early childhood through to today: songs by The Walker Brothers, Patti Smith, IAMX, David Bowie, and Hüsker Dü are presented on the band’s debut. 

According to Daniel: “Learning and playing these cover songs has been a wonderful way to work out emotional instabilities in my private life and create a newfound way of expressing myself musically, creatively. As well as simply being a great mood enhancer  in these dark and uncertain times.” In other words, Kubinski has found himself. Once again. Working on the arrangements, tempo, and structure of some of the band’s favorites allowed Daniel to make a transition and get into the habit of songwriting. “Now I’m hooked. I spend weeknights and off days playing my acoustic and/or writing lyrics.” – explains the vocalist of DeadFinger

The first single, an original song entitled “Ghosts” will be released on July 23rd  2022 when the full LP is scheduled for release. Dwain Flowers describes “Ghosts” as being a “backwaters, Louisiana swamp stomper” in its simplicity and dark, brooding content. More songs in the same vein,  such as “Metaflextion”, “Lover” and “Big Dirt” are being carefully crafted for the follow-up LP “Black Heart” coming out in 2023.





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