Watch Seasoning’s Dreamy “Next To Me” Video; Debut EP Out July 22nd


Brisbane’s Seasoning are sharing their dreamy new single/video, “Next To Me” ahead of their upcoming debut EP. Watch the video HERE. Seasoning will be self-releasing The Condensation on July 22nd and in case you’ve missed them, check out the band’s previous singles “Del Boca Vista” & “Friends.”

Bandleader Lachlan Buckle gave some words about the video: “The inspiration behind the video was to try and make it like a late night SBS world movie which is an Australian TV channel that plays Arthouse movies which I would always watch if I couldn’t fall asleep”

Seasoning began as the project of Brisbane based multi instrumentalist/songwriter, Lachlan Buckle, to flesh out demos created over time while playing and producing with other bands. Bringing his gentle and quiet songwriting to the forefront with the help of additional instrumentation added from Samuel Dalgarno and Thomas Ray Jones they were able to build the debut Seasoning EP, The Condensation. With Buckle fronting the band alongside a variety of accompaniments drifting in and out of the line up, the group features new players and some old friends; Seasoning is finally ready. 

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