Premiere: Seattle Grunge Trio Sun Puddle Unleash Their First Video Ever

Sun Puddle
Photo by Cory Ingram

Sun Puddle is a rock trio from Seattle that have a penchant for writing compelling songs about society’s outsiders and a flair for catchy pop taking influences from early Nirvana, Melvins, and Sonic Youth. 

The band has just released their Cory Ingram-directed debut video for the single “Sunday” (out Friday, August 12 via Grunge Pop).

Singer/guitarist Trever Rose said this about the video: “Director Cory Ingram and I had a vision for an honest representation of Sun Puddle’s lifestyle. Basically allowing people to see the day to day of our lives and how “rock bands” operate. Organic would be a word some people would use, but I would just say there was shit everywhere like there always is. We shot everything in one take, with thirty extras and enough of a budget to make sure no one died of dehydration, and that’s pretty much it.”

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