Outright Release Keep You Warm LP Via Reason And Rage Records


Since their formation in 2010, Outright’s presence and impact has become a force driven by their energy, ethics and community spirit. Hitting the ground running, they immediately released a four-song demo and hit the road to share their powerful music live. 

Armed with an unapologetic and determined approach, their debut seven-inch “Dedication” launched their own label Reason and Rage Records in 2012. It captured the band’s live spirit and raw passion, and it sold out in weeks. 

After a solid touring run supporting international heavy hitters such as Tragedy, Propagandhi and Refused, Outright delivered their debut full-length album “Avalanche” in 2014. Backed by big riffs, unstoppable energy, and lyrics that deliver on the genre’s promise to inspire and engage, the LP received ‘Album of the Year’ accolades from online and published press. It was launched across Australia to packed and passionate shows of mixed bills, synonymous with their open-minded and welcoming approach. 

In support of Rise Against’s national tour in 2015, Outright made their fierce presence known across arena stages and extended that reach on their own headline tours across New Zealand and at home, as well featuring on standout events such as Unify 2018 and Halloween Hysteria, and featuring in the Her Sound Her Story documentary and portrait series. 

Their 2018 follow-up seven-inch “Holler” honored the power in their foundation of dynamic riffs and ferocious energy. Their aggression was raised up a notch as these tracks encourage vigilant anti-fascism and explore retaliation from street harassment. Backed up by a hugely successful 3-month DIY national launch tour and headlining tour of Japan, BIGSOUND appearances and MTV Australia features, “Holler” proved that the urgency of their sound is matched only by their unstoppable work ethic. Their presence alongside the heavy music elite at both Download Festival events in Australia proves that Outright can go in pound for pound with their international counterparts town stages of every size and enthrall crowds with their intensity. 

Outright’s eagerly awaited new LP “Keep You Warm” follows the band’s oeuvre of penning songs packed with nuanced lyrics and powerful declarations while delivering new musical heights and range. Written between twelve months of multiple lock downs and gig cancellations and recorded at Melbourne’s Holes and Corners studio in 2021, it addresses topics like accountability, decolonisation, climate change, etc…

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