Circles Release Video For Sleepwalking

Photo by Andrew Basso

Melbourne prog/alt metal giants Circles have released a pulsating new single ‘Sleepwalking’, streaming now via Wild Thing Records.

In a metallic blitz of earth-shattering riffs and electronic textures,Sleepwalkingis razor-sharp and fierce. Putting it all on the line, vocalist Ben Rechter‘s fervent melodic tone intertwines with volatile guitars and hammering drums that surge with unbridled energy. At full force, ‘Sleepwalking’ is the band’s cathartic absolution.

On the inspiration behind ‘Sleepwalking’, frontman Rechter explains: “Essentially, it’s a song of fear and regret, of feeling like so much time has been wasted while you’ve unconsciously gone through the motions to arrive at your current situation. But you’re struggling to push yourself into the unfamiliar territory that holds the potential to provide you with what you’re searching for. It’s so easy to live and die in a comfort zone, even when all you want is out of it.

The new single was produced by Circles’ own Ted Furuhashi, with the music video directed by the band’s David Hunter, and the track mastered by Luke Cincotta (Karnivool).

In the midst of being in the longest locked down city in the world, the group found solace in writing the next chapter of Circles‘ story, commencing with ‘Sleepwalking. Smashing right into the fray with their first release since 2018’s internationally acclaimed album The Last One (the group’s debut with frontman Ben Rechter), Circles are bringing their textured prog/alt metal flair to their newest single, which shudders with densely-packed melodies and artful songwriting.

Drummer Hunter comments: “The last few years have been pretty damn tough on the music industry. We locked ourselves away and wrote the next chapter in the Circles story. The band is ready to road test some of this new material, along with some old favourites. So for the first time since 2019, we’re stoked to be able to see all of you legends again. This is going to be something really special for us.”

Circles tour-de-force live show has taken them across Australia, Europe, and the UK, complemented by festivals including Euroblast, Prog Power, and Progfest. The band boast a touring history with some of the who’s who of international progressive/alternative heavy music, such as The Dillinger Escape Plan,Opeth, Fear Factory, Periphery, TesseracT, and Twelve Foot Ninja.

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