Stand Still

Stand Still Share Video For Loose Ends; A Moment’s Notice EP Out July 20th On DAZE & Triple B Records

Stand Still
Photo by Cody Ganzer

Today, Long Island, NY-based band Stand Still have announced their sophomore EP, In A Moment’s Notice, set for release July 20th on DAZE and Triple B Records. Sitting somewhere between melodic hardcore, emo, and pop-punk, the band puts forth an enticing sound and high-energy on the three songs found on the record. Lead single “Loose Ends” perfectly captures Stand Still’s persona, highlighted by infectious hooks and textured guitars. The video for the track takes cues from those released by alternative bands in the 1990s, cutting through surreal imagery and a lively performance.

Speaking on the song’s lyrics, vocalist Gerry Windus states: “‘Loose Ends’ is about learning how to navigate and inconsistent lifestyle. For example: falling in and out of friendships, jobs, mental stability, etc. The takeaway is accepting when things go south, and anticipating them to do so. This track also highlights the anxious anticipation of knowing when something bad is about to happen.”

The songs on In A Moment’s Notice come from the same recording sessions as the band’s 2021 EP, A Practice In Patience, but hold their own in both theme and sound. The EP was produced, engineered and mixed by Chris Rini and Evan Perino and mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering. Keen on representing Long Island, you can clearly hear influence from notable bands like Silent Majority and The Movielife. The lyrics are deeply personable, yet wildy relatable and only a matter of time before the band’s fans are screaming them back at one of their chaotic live shows. The record also features three bonus tracks of live recordings from the band’s previously released session at Silver Bullet Studios.

In A Moment’s Notice is available for pre-order now through both DAZE and Triple B Records. The band has also announced a short tour with Bent Blue and a release show at Amityville Music Hall on August 13th with Hangman, Worn, and more.

Stand Still is Gerry Windus (vocals), Bryan Natole (guitar), Stephen Hallam (guitar), Mat Rienecker (bass), and Andre Valerio (drums).

PRE-ORDER: In A Moment’s Notice EP at DAZE | Triple B Records


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