Band Spectra Feat. The Anchoress – Human Reciprocator

Band Spectra Feat. The Anchoress - Human Reciprocator

English multi-instrumentalist/producer Band Spectra returns with a brand new composition featuring the guest vocal appearance of The Anchoress, a Welsh singer/multi-instrumentalist. Human Reciprocator is the fifth song in the row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the first piece of work this year. The song immediately points out all the problems of the current political climate in the UK through cleverly assembled lyrics. The song mainly deals with the typical mentality of politicians who will play all the power games to rule and manipulate the crowd for personal gain.

Band Spectra
Band Spectra (AKA Robert Manning / Photo by Katherine Manning

Perhaps this song carries criticism, which is one of the main qualities of punk rock music, but Band Spectra doesn’t stop there. Quite the contrary, Human Reciprocator carries so much more. You’ll hear how music genres such as post-punk, kraut-rock, and new wave-inspired Band Spectra while writing, composing and recording this composition. Robert Manning, the mastermind behind Band Spectra, thought outside the box and avoided all the typical cliches of the beforementioned genres. The way guitars, bass, synths, and beats operate throughout the entire song is fresh, innovative, unique, and provides a whole new perspective on contemporary music.

The Anchoress
The Anchoress (AKA Catherine Anne Davies) / Photo by Lily Warring

Of course, these orchestrations have been decorated by the powerful vocal performance of The Anchoress, who shines bright through the entire track. Human Reciprocator carries such a distinctive ambiance where melodies, harmonies, noises, and atmosphere collide in such a beautiful way. The song possesses a subtle touch of rawness, abrasiveness, and aggression. Still, it is an ear-appealing, easy-listening, catchy post-punk track fully stacked with brilliant ideas and excellent musicianship. You’ll need to listen to it to fully comprehend the brilliance of these two artists. Human Reciprocator is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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