Sleep Well Beast – Out Of Date

Sleep Well Beast - Out Of Date

After spending much of a lockdown writing material for 2022/23 releases, London alternative rock trio Sleep Well Beast released a debut single called Out Of Date. It is their first published piece of work, accompanied by Nothing Was The Same on the B-side. From the initial chords and beats of these two songs, you’ll notice Sleep Well Beast avoids all the cliches of contemporary rock music. They tried to present their version of the brand new, heavier, but still melodic side of modern rock music without sounding repetitious, and bland. They succeeded in their aims because these two tracks are unquestionably something special.

Sleep Well Beast - Out Of Date
Photo by Jed Welland

You’ll immediately fall in love with complex chord progressions, riffs, and basslines of Out Of Date. It’s mindblowing how guitar and bass articulate throughout the song without spoiling each other. The vividly hearable low-end tones provide all the heaviness you need to the technically demanding guitar virtuosities. One guitar channel delivers energetic riffs, while the other is mainly responsible for all the melodies, harmonies, and ambiances. The excellent drumming performance keeps everything in line with profoundly dynamic rhythmic acrobatics and continuous splashing over the cymbals. Nothing Was The Same showcases the calmer side of Sleep Well Beast. It’s a mellow, harmonious, half-step rock ballad decorated with autotuned vocal parts. However, the autotune effect is implemented with a lot of style, so you’ll have fun listening to this ear-appealing song. The musicianship on this one is equally brilliant, with even more guitar, bass, and drumming maneuvers. Both songs represent the new face of alternative rock music you surely don’t want to miss. Out Of Date is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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