Durcel Haze Release Debut Album Via Hicktown Records

Durcel Haze
Photo by Alex Gretter

If you know “Alice in Wonderland” by Louis Caroll will probably guess where the title and the theme of the debut album by the tyrolean progressive rock band DURCEL HAZE came from. “Down The Rabbit Hole” takes you down the rabbit hole of the World Wide Web – So we kind of feel like Alice, who sometimes would rather be bigger than she actually is, sometimes smaller. In any case, it’s curiosity and temptation that drives her to keep discovering more, so that escaping seems almost as pointless as asking a grinning cat for directions. 

Some songs inspire you to deal with these challenges in one way or another. Others tell imaginary stories that help detach from everyday life. Sometimes you first have to get lost to finally find the exit.

DURCEL HAZE are Janos Suba (vocals, bass) from Hungary, Mario Edinger (vocals, electric guitar) and Wolf Vogler (vocals, electric guitar) from Austria and Klaus Langer (vocals, drums) from Germany. Like their three nationalities, the four combine different elements of indie, hard rock, garage, grunge or psychedelic rock and thus create an independent rock sound, far away from mainstream. Together with Reinhard von Wegen (KAFFKIEZ, Vroudenspil, Koenix, K-STE and many more), the variety of genres was brought under one roof in terms of production technology. The result is a modern alternative rock album, which brings both recognition value and some nostalgia through stylistics of the late 80s and early 90s.

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