Interstellar Bungalow

Interstellar Bungalow Release Cargo EP

Interstellar Bungalow
Photo by Matteo Sattler

On their second EP Cargo Interstellar Bungalow are adding new layers to their already established lo-fi sound. The five songs come with a certain melancholic vibe and borrow from a variety of genres: Watch out for 90s infused indie pop inspired by the likes of Grandaddy (Thousand Trees), noise rock guitars coupled with hip-hop drumbeats (Lay Down) or Pavement-esque trashy blues (Alchemy).

But the band not only expanded genre-wise, they also added new bandmember Selina Galka (Oxyjane) to the mix. All three of them are collectively responsible for songwriting, recording and mixing. The lyrics deal with challenges of various forms and degrees: collapsing spaceships and egos, feeling exhausted by repetitive work or the comfort but also disillusion that machines and media bring us.

Thousand Trees and Hull Breach are the haralds of Interstellar Bungalow’s second EP. Debut EP Primer was released in 2021.

Interstellar Bungalow create lo-fi pop pearls right from their living room couch. Smooth melodies, light-hearted, partly surreal lyrics and indie-rock harmonies accompanied by distorted guitars, garnished with noise outbursts. The results are stylistically diverse, melody-loving upbeat songs in a DIY guise.

Interstellar Bungalow are Matteo Sattler (Robotra), Selina Galka (OXYJANE, Viosphere) and Thomas Hammer (Cryptic Commands, Robotra). They are based in Graz and all three members are jointly responsible for music, vocals, lyrics, recording and mixing.







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