The Venomous Pink - Vita Mors LP - SBÄM

The Venomous Pinks – Vita Mors LP (SBÄM)

The Venomous Pink - Vita Mors LP - SBÄM

SBÄM has been busy lately with publishing excellent punk rock releases. One of those releases unquestionably is the debut album by The Venomous Pinks, the melodic punk rock trio that made a pretty big buzz on the scene lately. As usual, we covered most of the news by SBÄM and this band, so you had a chance to listen to some of their singles, such as No Rules, Broken Hearts Club, and Apothecary Ailment. These three songs served as more than adequate announcements for Vita Mors, their debut full-length, published a couple of weeks ago. Of course, it’s good to mention there are also official videos for the beforementioned songs, which you can watch on YouTube.

The band bursts with sheer power from scratch to finish, and you’ll be surprised by the energetic performance presented throughout the entire album. You will have difficulties picking up any weak spots during this album, mainly because each composition possesses many qualities. It’s nearly mindblowing how The Venomous Pinks combine several complementary subgenres to achieve the desired sound. Besides melodic punk rock, you’ll hear how they incorporated skate punk, hardcore punk, garage punk, Ramonescore, and pop-punk in their music. Each composition contains a little bit of this and that, but there are also compositions where you’ll notice only one of the beforementioned genres.

Maybe you’ll think this luxurious amount of various styles sounds a bit off, but don’t worry, The Venomous Pinks assembled Vita Mors to sound superb from beginning to end. It’s due to their ability to compose ear-appealing, melodic, fast-paced tracks that also possess a lot of aggression, power, and paciness. The band thoroughly planned every song, cleverly assembled every segment, and worked hard on arrangements, song structures, and accentuations. You’ll hear everything on this material. The most important thing about Vita Mors is that the band doesn’t sound repetitious. Somehow they managed to avoid all the cliches practiced by so many contemporaries on the melodic punk rock scene nowadays, so there’s no way you’ll not enjoy this album. Vita Mors comes with a mind-blowing visual identity. Also, you can choose between yellow/purple half and yellow/purple marble vinyl variants. They both look beautiful. Head over to SBÄM for more information about ordering.






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