Listen To Think About Sects EP By Suggestion


The breakup of the original lineup of Suggestion resulted in years of struggle and unfortunate situations for this extraterrestrial super-group. Despite these setbacks, Suggestion returned to the scene with more intensity than ever before with their Think About Sects EP.

The addition of mixing extraordinaire Ulrich Wild (Dethklok, Pantera, Static X) to the production process has left an indelible impression on the few fortunate enough to preview the EP, with critics hailing Suggestion’s new music as “perfect” and “absolute genius.” Some say their music has the potential to move mountains and part oceans -others agree. The band draws inspiration from artists like Death, CKY, and Racer X, and is best described as the funkier side of extreme metal.

Suggestion’s newest release, the Think About Sects EP delves into secrets that are hidden away from humanity, ranging from government-run mind control programs to the efficacy of subliminal advertising. This album doesn’t just go down the rabbit hole of controversial subjects- it is the rabbit hole. No subject is taboo or off limits for Suggestion.

Suggestion intends on releasing more music videos and has plans for a follow-up release, the Don’t Think About Sects EP.

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