Serian Share Visualizer For Before It Ends


Seiran revealed their emotionally heaviest track yet. “Before It Ends” opens with the intense depression-grappling line “Colorless blood is on my hands, God is calling me for what I’ve done to myself,” as vocalist Shin comes face to face with his own guilt and frustration. This banger of a track encompasses dark heart pounding riffs juxtaposed by leads twinkling with optimism and grotesque vocals highlighted by hip-hop style cleans. Shin recounts the writing process:

“This is my first song that I wrote for the band a couple years back. I remember I came up with the melody of the chorus and the lyrics and worked around it. I guess everyone is guilty for what they’ve done. When you think about it there’s anger, frustration and a bit of sadness. If you’re lost in your way, you would feel like it’s easy to end everything.” – Shin

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo, Japan, Seiran started as Zico’s solo project and then transitioned to a two piece when Shin joined in 2019. Creating the unique combination of Australian metalcore and Japanese metalcore sound you hear today. Their first single “The Void” was a massive hit for the Australian audience, hitting 17th on the Faction 2021 Hardest 100. While their second single didn’t fall far behind, hitting 19th on the charts.






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