Nekrodeus - Moloch LP - Grazil Records

Nekrodeus – Moloch LP (Grazil Records)

Nekrodeus - Moloch LP - Grazil Records

Recently, I had a chance to write an article about Asbest, the latest full-length release by Nekrodeus. I was curious to listen to their previous recordings, so now it’s more than appropriate time to write something about Moloch, their first full-length album released on Grazil Records about four years ago. Nekrodeus also released the demo from 2013 and debut EP as a joint cassette release. For those unfamiliar with this band, sludge metal would be the most simplified term to describe their sound. However, like every time with the bands who practice the beforementioned genre, there’s more than meets the eye. Therefore, let’s dive deep into examining this release.

Moloch comes housed in a thick cardboard gatefold, which will be especially interesting to those who’re into esoteric cover artworks. Judging by the logo and the album title, you’ll immediately notice you’re dealing with a metal band, but that’s where you will remain baffled about the music genre until you spin this vinyl on your turntable. As mentioned above, Nekrodeus practice everything you dearly love about sludge metal. The band embraces all the heaviness, abrasiveness, rawness, dirtiness, and other crude properties of the genre. However, now that part about complementary genres jumps in the mix. Nekrodeus explore the aesthetics of death metal, black metal, doom metal, grindcore, and crust punk, so Moloch will be right up your alley if you’re looking out for something more than plain traditional sludge metal.

The ratio between half-step rhythmic sequences and blastbeats keeps this material entertaining from scratch to finish. Also, Nekrodeus incorporate classic fast and mid rhythmic segments to keep this record more interesting. At some points, the dynamics of Moloch are nearly insane, and you will have a hard time keeping up with all the drumming acrobatics. The electric and bass guitar are perfectly combined, so they simultaneously act as a wall of perfectly articulated noise. The riffs are tight, and there’s no doubt about the skills of these musicians. Of course, the lead vocalist provides several vocal technics, such as growl, scream, and shoutouts, and he nails every role. There are many death, black, doom, and crust moments during this material, so each composition is diverse and entertaining. Maybe you’ll notice how the fuzzy guitars overwhelm some riffs and melodies during the fast-paced segments, but it’s just a minor flaw compared to the remaining quality of this release. Moloch is still available at Grazil Records, so head over to their website for more information about ordering.





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