Clarkkent Has Released New Single


Clarkkent (Helsinki / Finland) has released a new single Resignation. It is the first single from the band’s upcoming fifth studio album. With the new album, the band wanted to reach a more authentic live-based trio sound resulting in recording all the songs (guitar, bass, drums) live and without a click. A method that is a statement against the modern-day protools rock. The recordings were done in the legendary Magnusborg studio in Porvoo by Joel Attila, the man behind for example artists like Herra Ylppö and Paleface).

After listening to our demos Joel immediately suggested collaboration with the album. We actually had one-third of the album already recorded in a previous studio session done elsewhere, but with Joel things just clicked. We were forced to thrash the previous recordings and just start from scratch in Magnusborg. Glad we did. Now all the songs are recorded in a raw and old-school manner in which the band is live and there are no restrictions from a click.” – Says Clarkkent’s lead vocalist and bass player Jaakko Rikko.

The now released single Resignation is a punk-rock wake-up call to all suffering from daily grind anxiety. The message is simple as in punk it should – Walk your own path regardless of the boundaries set against you by society.







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