Uli Sailor

Dr. Skap And Intersphere Records To Release Punkrock Piano By Uli Sailor; Watch/Listen Linoleum (NOFX) Piano Cover

Uli Sailor

Dr. Skap Records has teamed up with Intersphere Records to release Punkrock Piano, a brand new release by Uli Sailor. Uli Sailor is mostly known for performing with D-Sailors and is currently performing under the nickname Eros Razorblade at Terrorgruppe.

In 2021, he started working on Punkrock Piano, a material where he covered tracks from Punk In Drublic (NOFX), Life On A Plate (Millencolin), and How To Clean Everything (Propagandhi).

Punkrock Piano is set for release on August 15th via Dr. Skap Records and Intersphere. You can check out Uli Sailor covering Linoleum by NOFX below.







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