Tear Them Down – Dystopian Beats LP (Bakraufarfita Records)

Tear Them Down - Dystopian Beats LP- Bakraufarfita Records

Do you need some energetic music for this lazy weekend? I might have something for you. This powerful punk rock release came to our headquarters about a week ago, but we had so many scheduled posts, so it needed to sit for a while and wait until this Saturday, so it could shine bright on our pages. Dystopian Beats is the latest full-length release by Tear Them Down, a highly energetic Swedish punk rock band with a tremendous experience. It’s not their only recording. These guys have released many impressive recordings since 2011, such as a debut full-length album called Their Fault, Our Problem, extended play releases like This Is A Mutiny, Ett Liv I Hartlighet, Abide, and No Sleep Til Arod. Of course, the band also launched many singles between all the beforementioned recordings. Still, it seems that nothing matches their latest full-length.

Dystopian Beats spent some time working on this material. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the band started promoting this release in 2020. Tear Them Down made a wise move and shared singles such as Sacrifice, Victimized, Brown Bag, Wasting, and This Won’t End Well for nearly two years to thoroughly inform the audience about their upcoming album. It’s a proven formula that unquestionably works to their advantage. These five songs represent approximately half of the album, but there are eight more, like Save Your Last Breath, Demons In Disguise, Total Control, As We Go Down, Kyoto Nightmare, Tell Me Something, Bridges Burn, and Thrill Of Death. Therefore, if you thought you listened to the entire material by checking out introductory singles, then think again.

Perhaps I said before these guys are into punk rock, but there are plenty of things going on in their music. This album is like a steaming pot fully stacked with only the best properties borrowed from almost every subgenre of punk rock music. You’ll hear contemporary and eighties hardcore punk, street punk, melodic punk rock, and skate punk. I adore how their music bursts with that Californian old-school hardcore punk, perfect for driving a skateboard. There’s also a touch of garage rock and rock’n’roll hearable in minimalistic solos. Tear Them Down continuously pay homage to all these subgenres, and you might think this is way too many things going on simultaneously, but don’t worry, these guys know what they’re doing.

The best part about this band is their ability to adapt to almost everything they cover through their songs. From anthemic street punk tracks to thrashing skate punk numbers over more melodic punk rock songs and ultra-speed hardcore punk moments where the band sounds so ferocious, pissed, and aggressive, Tear Them Down nail all these moments like pros. The group invested the entire arsenal of brilliant ideas, excellent riffs, and rad themes, and their outstanding performance comes like a cherry on the top. There’s not even a weak moment on this album, and you’ll notice that once you listen to it. Also, Dystopian Beats come with marvelous graphic imagery. The illustrator/graphic designer has put a lot of effort into this release, so it could look eye-peeling like this. This release also possesses thoroughly illustrated inlay, and it looks equally beautiful inside and outside. You should check out this band immediately. Head over to Bakraufarfita Records for more information about ordering this gem.

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