Premiere: Hell Can Wait Release New Video For Mother Mercy

Hell Can Wait

We are honored to premiere Mother Mercy, a video for the latest single by Hell Can Wait. Mother Mercy is their latest track, available for listening on all streaming platforms from today. The purpose of this song is to revitalize UK melodic hardcore scene. You can check out the video below.

“Mother Mercy is a raw and honest view on dealing with the consequences of self-destructive behavior. There’s a desperation for someone or something to save us from a cycle of losing what we love while being desperate to feel relief. In reality, the only person that’s ever going save you is yourself.

The song nods towards a realization that we’re the only ones to hold responsible for losing what we love. To the point where trying to escape the cycle of behavior leaves us desperate for someone or something else to save us and give us relief from losses we often only ever have ourselves to blame.

The elements of repetitiveness and associated limbo that comes with repeated patterns of behavior are also explored. In plain terms, it leaves us struggling with a life of repeated failures and never having any self-worth.

Routines and cycles are something we all find ourselves in, in whichever form they take. We can all relate to them, and just how difficult they are to break without something to intervene.” – says James Wardleworth, bass player at Hell Can Wait

Hell Can Wait are a hard working DIY melodic hardcore outfit based in Brighton, UK. They’ve come together to fill the void in the UK Melodic Hardcore scene left behind by bands like More Than Life, Landscapes and Dead Swans. With their raw, heartfelt lyrics and harsh vocal performance, their relentless drums and melodic touching on emo guitar lines HCW create a sonically sombre, yet beautiful experience of hope.

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