It's Everyone Else - Pirouette LP - Noise Appeal Records

It’s Everyone Else – Pirouette LP (Noise Appeal Records)

It's Everyone Else - Pirouette LP - Noise Appeal Records

Kind people of Noise Appeal Records treated us with another new release. This gem has seen the light today, so now it’s more than adequate time to write some words about it. It’s Everyone Else is a Slovenian duo currently residing in Leipzig. Pirouette is their new full-length release that combines several music genres into a giant slab of cleverly assembled noise. Previously, the group also released two albums on Noise Appeal Records, such as New Religion and Heaven Is An Empty Room. I thought their new album carries a similar sound to their previous recordings, but I was entirely wrong. Pirouette delivers a different listening experience that will probably surprise their longtime fans.

For those readers who’re not familiar with the band, It’s Everyone Else are known for devotedly following something called digital hardcore. That will be the first impression you’ll get when you stumble upon their older recordings. However, Pirouette offers eight slower, experimental, ambient, shoegazey post-hardcore tracks. I admit their shifting to post-hardcore waters appeals much more to my ears than their digital hardcore era. I wouldn’t say their older releases are bad because the band does it pretty damn well, but I prefer post-hardcore over digital hardcore. Their obsessive urge to experiment with each composition is what I like the most about their music, and Pirouette has so many experimentations included along the way.

Perhaps the band thoroughly explores heavy sound by implementing foundations of post-hardcore, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. You’ll hear elements borrowed from industrial, noise, ambient, and synth music that further define their musical direction. Still, this is not another regular industrial noise-inspired album. These musicians separate those elements into the tiniest particles and apply them to segments where those maneuvers are needed the most. The dark ambient aesthetics work like a charm to all the sonic movements in each song, and eerie lead vocals enhance that darkness. The industrial aspect is hearable even more as the album progresses toward the end. It also becomes heavier, raw, and abrasive, with more noise elements involved in the entire process. Pirouette is an excellent comeback of an It’s Everyone Else that you need to hear if you’re into experimental, shoegazey post-hardcore. The album comes in vinyl and digital format. Head over to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering.






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