Timeshares Sign With Wiretap Records; Release Video For Siren Sound


Philadelphia punks Timeshares have signed with Wiretap Records. The band release its three-song In The Ground EP last year, and havs just debuted a new single + video “Siren Sound,” which BrooklynVegan describes as, “a fine example of this band’s ability to churn out warm, grizzled heartland punk.”

Watch for a full-length to be released later this year on Wiretap Records / Bearded Punk Records.

Bassist (and songwriter) Mike Natoli says, “I had just moved back to my hometown and got reluctantly dragged to my 10-year high school reunion. While I wasn’t necessarily questioning myself, it still managed to stir up some weird thoughts and feelings about what I was doing with my life.

I wanted to write about the subject from the reverse perspective of “A Plea From A Cat Named Virtute” by The Weakerthans and make it a proposition to my golden retriever Buddy. This wild idea that we could trade lives and he could go out on my adventures while I got to blend in with the scenery and not talk to anyone was something that seemed mutually beneficial.”

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