Bottlekids – ZILCH! 12″ EP (SBÄM)

Bottlekids - ZILCH! 12" EP (SBÄM)

SBÄM is unstoppable this year. I can’t even remember how many releases they put out since the beginning of 2022. The sheer amount of news that continuously pops in my mailbox recently is insane. Jokes aside, I am glad that the melodic punk rock scene is going strong. SBÄM became one of the significant record labels in the game, and they’re pushing the whole story so hard that most bands on their roster receive a lot of exposure. I heard for Bottlekids even before they signed to SBÄM and had a chance to review their debut EP when they heavily distributed the record without an outer sleeve. I remember being blown away by the fact these guys were a new band on a scene that sounded like they had two decades of experience on their backs. Fast forward to 2022, Bottlekids are back with ZILCH EP, which is out today via SBÄM.

ZILCH goes beyond all expectations. Bottlekids decided to fully stack this material with six melodic punk rock bangers that will keep you entertained from scratch to finish. However, this record carries the properties of melodic hardcore and hardcore punk, so ZILCH will appeal to your listening apparatus even if you’re not entirely into melodic punk rock. Besides the sheer aggression applied over the melodic foundations of the band, Bottlekids thought about song structures, arrangements, accentuations, and sound in general. All these factors enhance the listening experience on an entirely new level. You’ll have a hard time picking your favorite track due to the fact they all sound equally good. Each number carries some unique properties that outstand the remainder of the material, but they represent a pretty damn good collection together. It’s a record that will knock your socks off for sure.

What I really love about Bottlekids is their energy. The band hates longevous overtures that bore the listener with neverending, pretentious, mentally exhausting virtuosities. Bottlekids aim to slap you in the face with straightforward punk rock thoughtfully assembled to satisfy even the pickiest fans of the genre. You’ll immediately fall in love with cleverly assembled chord progressions, riffs, melodies, harmonies, themes, vividly hearable basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic maneuvers. These guys are not joking around with their music. They sound like the punk rock band should sound nowadays. ZILCH comes with eye-peeling packaging decorated with the artwork of a sinking ship on the front. The EP is available on blue and yellow marble vinyl, and you can purchase it directly from a band (UK) or SBÄM (EU and USA).

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