Grunge Pop Records Unleash Grunge Pop 100 Featuring Barb Wire Dolls, Prince Of Lilies, Royal Distortion, Minatore, Rockford, And Many More

Nirvana Was Discovered By Sub Pop. Now Here Comes Grunge Pop!


Nirvana was discovered by Sub Pop and their first songs were released on the legendary label. Sub Pop’s first compilation album came out in 1986. 

Sub Pop

The legendary founder of Sub Pop, Bruce Pavitt, who discovered and signed Nirvana and Soundgarden (and many more) was hired by Grunge Pop Records as an A&R consultant and label advisor. Read the full story HERE

Now here comes Grunge Pop and their first compilation album: Grunge Pop 100! 

Grunge Pop 100

Grunge Pop 100 is a new compilation album with eleven of the new generation of grunge bands out there in the world that are bringing back that grunge noise. 

Grunge Pop 100 is available exclusively on Bandcamp. Not available yet on limited edition vinyl, but soon the Grunge Pop Singles Club will begin…it’s all happening (again). The time has come. 

Check out Grunge Pop 100 now directly on Bandcamp and support the new underground grunge movement by clicking HERE

New Grunge Noise

Check out also the Spotify playlist called “New Grunge Noise” for weekly updates on the best new grunge releases out now. Click HERE for the playlist on Spotify

Grunge Pop Records

Grunge Pop Records are bringing music lovers who miss the Seattle grunge sound of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, modern bands that have that new grunge noise: loud, distorted, underground rock. 

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