Where Did Nora Go - Undivided EP - Celebration Records

Where Did Nora Go – Undivided EP (Celebration Records)

Once again, I am exploring the depths of contemporary music thanks to my German friends at Bite It Promotion. As you probably already know, I am rarely in the mood for calmy music, but for some reason, indie pop appeals to me during this part of the year. Also, Bite It always sends outstanding music, so this release appealed to my ears almost instantly. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with the work of Where Did Nora Go, and this is the first time I am exploring her music. Since 2013, Where Did Nora Go has released a self-titled full-length album, another full-length named Shimmer, Womb Of Life EP, and singles such as Never Falter, I’m Still Here, and She Loves. As you can see, Where Did Nora Go keeps her career prolific as much as possible. However, I would like to talk about Undivided, her latest extended play release published by Celebration Records about a month ago.

Undivided EP carries six calmy pop songs that will melt your heart. It’s music when you need sheer minimalism the most. However, I cannot escape the feeling that many things lurk beneath that minimalist approach. Where Did Nora Go sails calmy, soothing, relaxing, cathartic minimal pop waters, but her music also carries only the best properties of indie pop, ambient pop, drone pop, dark pop, cinematic ambient, chill, and downtempo music?. There are colossal slabs of ambiances, drones, extended harmonies, time-stretched melodies, various soundscapes, many string instruments, and orchestral backgrounds pervading from all possible sides. All these sonic maneuvers build a cathartic listening experience suitable for those moments when you need to relax the most.

Unlike all the beforementioned orchestrations, soundscapes, and other delicacies, Where Did Nora Go reduces beats and percussions to minimal. The rhythmic segments are unquestionably present but more in a stripped-down form. Still, the main focus and the loudest instrument on Undivided EP is her beautiful, unique, uplifting voice that defines this material. Her vocal virtuosities serve as necessary guidance through the entire musical universe built upon countless orchestral maneuvers. Undivided EP sounds superb from scratch to finish, and it’s nearly impossible to find any bad moments on this release. It’s mindblowing how every piece fits together and paints an even brighter sonic imagery that finally becomes an excellent indie-pop mini-album. Undivided EP is available via Celebration Records. Head over to their website for more information about purchasing this release.






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