Scooped Up!

Scooped Up! Have Released A Music Video For Best Days

Scooped Up!

After the release of their pop-punk banger “Dislexic” in 2021, three-piece unit Scooped Up! have returned with their latest effort “Best Days.” The new single marks the group’s first release of 2022 and acts as a coming-of-age track.

Across their last several singles, including “Dislexic” and now “Best Days,” Scooped Up! have effortlessly resurrected pop-punk’s heyday and created a sound that is entirely unique to the trio. In their latest single “Best Days,” the three-piece band detail growing up, living in a constant state of nostalgia and always longing for your youth.

This music video was one of the most ambitious music videos we made,” the band shares. “It took a few weeks to shoot at the end of last summer. it was super fun to make but also a headache planning out some of the shots. ‘Best Days’ is about growing up and taking for granted all the time we have when we are young. everybody is nostalgic for stuff from 10-20 years ago not even realizing that in a few years they will be nostalgic about right now.

Decked out in objectas of nostalgia including foam dice on the rearview mirror, a watermelon scented air freshener, and a hula girl dashboard doll, “Best Days” offers a sense of longing for better days and fading youth.

Clocking in at two minutes and twenty-seven seconds, the group can be seen rigging up their van for a hands-free joyride through town while performing “Best Days” in the back with a full stage setup. Tied up to lead vocalist Jimmy Barbetti’s guitar, he leads them along back streets and neighborhoods while the track blasts through a megaphone attached to the front of the van. While joyriding through town, the group passes a number of pedestrians including a man and his son as he swiftly covers the child’s ears to block the music out, a dog that chases after the van and a skater who tags onto the van.

The song and video were directed, written, shot, and edited by Jimmy Barbetti. “Best Days” was written and produced by Jimmy Barbetti, Jesse Randolph, and Leo Budnick, mixed and produced by Randy Borruso, and masted by Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering.







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