Talk Show Host And Cluttered To Release A Tribute To Enemy You Split Release

Talk Show Host And Cluttered To Release A Tribute To Enemy You Split Release

Talk Show Host
Talk Show Host

ENEMY US is the loving tribute to underrated Californian punk band Enemy You by two rising Canadian upstarts, Talk Show Host and Cluttered.

Split records have been a staple of the punk scene forever but this one arrives with a little twist: the bands have swapped singers.

Cluttered’s singer, songwriter and guitarist Matty Grace (She/They), explains: “Enemy You were a very important band to many and sometimes rad bands end up under-appreciated. This could be the case here. David Jones managed to capture heartbreak and feelings of isolation all within the confines of a 2 or 3 minute punk song and did it with wit. This split is a loving tribute to a band that although has slipped under the radar for many, still resonates strongly for us”.

Despite the artists being based in different parts of the country (TSH in Toronto, Cluttered in Ottawa & Halifax) – the project took only a few weeks to be conceived, arranged, recorded, mixed & released. Modern DIY at its finest!

At a time when pop-punk is clawing its way back into the mainstream, ENEMY US reminds us of its roots: a bunch of friends, a few chords, and a catchy chorus.






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