Mudfight – Baby! Hey!

Mudfight - Baby! Hey!

Austrian pop-punk quintet Mudfight has released a brand new single today. After a couple of singles, such as Wasted And Torn Away, and a critically acclaimed extended play release called Safe Zone, the Austrian pop-punk powerhouse returns with a debut single that announces their upcoming full-length album, set for release for SBAM Records. Baby! Hey! is a proper comeback after a two-year break from their latest release. Right off the bat, you’ll notice some innovations in their sound, and right now, Mudfight sounds better than ever.

Photo by Michael Wittig

Still, this is not an ordinary pop-punk you stumble upon every day. Quite the contrary, Mudfight is one of those bands that have much more to offer. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice this band is into garage rock, grunge, alternative rock, hard rock, and rock’n’roll. There are many things lurking around, so Baby! Hey! sounds luxurious from beginning to end. The band somehow managed to stack up this song with catchy choruses and slightly calmer verses, but the energy remains throughout the entire track. Besides perfect song structure, this song possesses abrasive sounding guitars, a loud rhythm section, and crystal clear lead vocals that will indulge your listening apparatus. It’s a proper demonstration of contemporary pop-punk sound, enhanced by only the best qualities of alternative rock, grunge, and garage rock sound. Baby! Hey! is available for listening on all streaming services.

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