Motus Vita Est Premieres New Video Today

Motus Vita Est
Photo by Mario Vukelić

Today, Croatian legendary hardcore punk band Motus Vita Est has released a new video for the song Stisnuta Šaka (Clenched Fist). Stisnuta Šaka shows defiance and resistance to the losing mentality in a very fighting manner. The awkward and troubling times we live in have aroused lethargy and reconciliation with destiny to some, but not for Motus. They fiercely and aggressively, as always, say that destiny is created, not suffered, and that everyone is responsible for its happiness. Determination runs through fierce and aggressive sound, presented through clever lyricism, which is equally rebellious, engaged, and optimistic. The punk rock scene expects punk at its core, and you can expect that from these punk legends.

Motus are always gladly welcomed among three generations of punk rockers. No matter if we’re talking about the punk rock parties or live performances, their songs were always sung by the crowd. After six studio albums, they are still a fierce and full-blooded concert attraction that toured across the European continent multiple times.

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